Robyn Johnston is a Dunedin based Singer/Songwriter, who at the age of 47 decided to follow a path that would make her realise her lifelong passion for music. All her life she had been told she should be sharing her gift and early in 2013 whilst singing at the Forsyth Barr Stadium for 'Relay for Life' her life would take a different course.


In 2013, after many years of caring for my elderly parents who both have Alzheimers, I wrote the song 'Just What I Need' about how memory loss affects them and myself and how my love of music helps get me through when times are difficult.




"Just What I Need"

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My Latest CD

What a journey this has been. So many wonderful people have come into my life over the duration of this recording and I will never forget any of them.  This album has come from a time in my life where the sadness of memory loss has affected two of the most important people in my life, my Mum and Dad, and it has inspired me to do this recording while they can still remember who I am. "Just What I Need" is for them.

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